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TV and AV Services 

TV Installation & Demo + Wall Mount Service

TV Installation & Demo + Wall Mount

Setting up a new TV can be daunting - all those messy cables and complicated connections so why not let us do it all for you? We can fix your TV to the wall and get it hooked up to your existing kit and tuned in. We'll make sure the cables are tidy and give you a demo .You also have the option to have your new home cinema kit or soundbar installed at the same time as your TV.

So Why us?

We offer a range of services to get you up and running with your new TV. If they're available for your chosen model, the option will be offered to you as you buy.

Before we arrive for your TV installation, please check:

  • There's enough room for your TV (including your stand if you're having one assembled too) in your chosen location

  • You've checked the aerial and electrical sockets are working and within 1m of the installation location

  • There are enough electrical sockets for all the equipment

  • You've all the correct connecting cables

  • If you've bought a Smart TV, be sure your internet connection is working and within range of where you want to position your TV

  • You have the correct bracket, ready for the installer to fit if selecting our wall-mounted installation






Standard TV Install

£34.99 for a standard TV installation

                                    £24.99 for a stand assembly

This includes:

  • Unpacking your TV and attaching any supplied pedestal

  • Tuning in the channels and connecting to your other devices such as DVD players and soundbars

  • Connection to the Internet, if it's a Smart TV

  • Demonstrating the important features, including how to: switch it on and off; select the programme you want to watch; navigate the built-in programme guide; access the menu so you can personalise the sound and picture settings; and watch content from other connected devices such as your DVD player or set top box

Wall mounting service

  • Unpacking and securely fitting a bracket to your wall

  • Brackets are sold separately and can be purchased from A2U and be available at the time of installation

  • Mounting your TV on the bracket

  • Supply and fit trunking to neatly run the cables along your wall

(only available by calling us on 0141 433 6162 or visiting our shops)

Enhanced Wall Mounting service

  • Everything included in standard wall mount

  • Concealing your cables in a wall cavity or solid wall channel

(only available by calling us on 0141 433 6162 or visiting our shops)

For all of our TV Installation services Terms & Conditions apply




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